Terms of Service

1CrowsNest --Rules and Guidelines
In any endeavor such as this there have to be clear and unmistakable rules and guidelines. The following are given (and hopefully received) in the spirit of cautiousness and with a heart to preserve and promote godliness. These rules and guidelines will be strictly enforced, so please read them carefully. (It will only take a few minutes.)

Rules and Guidelines for 1CrowsNest members
1. You are responsible to maintain the privacy of your password and you (only) are allowed to use it. If you openly allow another, or if another unknown to you finds and uses your password to gain access to our network, your account will be terminated immediately without reimbursement of monies paid. Report to 1CrowsNest immediately if you believe your password has been breached; we will assign you a new one.
2. Profile photos are especially important and as such must actually be the person in the profile and the only person in the profile. This picture can be creative, funny, and involve great individuality, but it must be recognizable, wholesome, and tasteful. (For example, a picture of you asleep with your mouth open is not an acceptable choice for a profile picture.)
3. You are responsible for the content of your area whether it is your profile, your posts, your pictures, your chats, or any other information you have generated. While we want to give as much latitude as possible, we understand that some will take this too far and we reserve the right to intervene. Please note carefully content which is NOT acceptable: - Pictures that show any cleavage or bare legs above the knee (including slits), or where the clothes are too tight, too provocative, or have any inappropriate content (i.e. worldly slogans, gang-related material, etc.). - Information extolling the “goodness” or “virtue” of anything on our Banned Topics list. Please look at it periodically, but it will include things like false doctrine, English Bible versions other than the King James Version, colleges we would not endorse, contemporary Christian music or artists we would not endorse, etc. Our network will not be a tool or a forum for those who wish to promote, endorse, or advocate what we believe to be dangerous, harmful, or wrong. - The open and malicious tearing down and/or gossip of parents, network members, churches, preachers, or others with which you have “issues” in your life. Our network will not be a tool or forum for those who wish to spread verbal poison. It is to be a positive place where you and others can be encouraged, edified, and strengthened in your faith. Please note that difficult relationships and issues can be discussed in a Godly and Christlike manner if one is careful...please understand the intent of this rule. - The use any any profanity (or pseudo profanity) or any inappropriate language or innuendo.
4. On this network there is no expectation of privacy. You must understand that any post, chat, picture, profile, or any other form of communication on this network can and will be monitored. While you have control to choose your “friends” and “invite” people to join groups, events, etc., all users must agree that these communications are considered as comparable to conversing in the public square, mall, or fellowshipping in the church foyer before or after church services. (Our legal liability issues demand this position)
5. If you are “flagged” for unacceptable content, deal with it immediately. Contact us if you have questions or need clarification. We will listen (but only after your compliance has occurred). If you are flagged for content twice in the same month, your account will be deleted for six months without reimbursement of monies paid. If this happens a second time, you will be permanently removed from the network.
6. If, while on the network, you find inappropriate content, you should report it to the Information Hub and then leave the area. It will ensure that if it is indeed inappropriate in some way and action is taken, it will not include you. If you do not report infractions and were in the area, you may also get flagged. For example, if four members were talking (chatting) and three of the four were discussing something “out of line,” but the fourth stayed and “listened,” all four would most likely get flagged.
7. If, while a member of the network, your church membership status changes or you lose your pastoral or parental endorsement, access to your account will be denied until an investigation can be made to determine what has happened. (This will help to ensure the integrity of our site.)
8. If you have suggestions to make our network better, we are interested. We have a Suggestion Box at our information hub for your thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to use it at any time. (If we use your idea, we may even give you special status on the network!!)
9. This network (1CrowsNest.org) is a ministry of the Lighthouse Baptist Church located in Ashtabula, Ohio. It is another tool for our church to use which will help us to expand our outreach and ministry. Therefore, the final authority for the rules and regulations and decisions that govern this site will be made by Lighthouse Baptist Church.