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This is the portal page for a social networking site like no other.

1CrowsNest is an exciting ministry of our independent baptist church, and is designed for the members of our church and those of like faith outside of our church. This site is the only conservative Christian (Independent Baptist) network, that we know of, that is 100% monitored and totally safe for those "in the nest." At 1CrowsNest all can interact in a secure environment, where conservative, godly principles are ensured. Those who join can post complete profiles, keep up to date with friends, chat, blog, post and share music and videos, create and view gmaps, enjoy spirited informed debate on timely topics, create your own forum or group, keep up with missionaries all over the world, and so much more. We are confident that Christ Himself would not be ashamed of what is posted here, nor would He be ashamed to be a member of this network. If you want more information click here. If you want a tri-fold brochure giving you even more information click here. If you think that you can handle it......... come on up to the "Crow's Nest."

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  • Kaitlyn  Holley
    Kaitlyn Holley Just got home from  the Quinlan, We are dog setting for them. To make a long story short My Mother let me drive from there house back to mine. I was a little on the scared side but had a blast. The good thing is Moms car is in one peace and The Quinlan ca...  more
    • November 26
  • Kenneth Quinlan
    Kenneth Quinlan In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank the Lord for allowing us to serve here for more than a year now! Thank you all for taking us into this church family and making us feel so "at home" :) Happy thanksgiving, God bless you!
    • November 24
  • Kathy Jeffrey
    Kathy Jeffrey What a wonderful day to serve the Lord:)
    • November 20
  • Steve DeChurch
    Steve DeChurch Just checking in before I retire for the night...can anyone say busy...I have had a couple busy days...had a good nt with my wife grateful for how the Lord is blessing our marriage and looking forward to recharging at Wed nt service...Never allow the wear...  more
    • November 18
  • Kenneth Quinlan
    Kenneth Quinlan wrote a new blog entry:
    • November 13
  • Angelina Brown
    Angelina Brown is now friends with cindy jones.
    • November 9
  • Rick Saari II
    Rick Saari II Saturday is all church visitation. I challenge everyone to come out. Even if you haven't gone before there will be someone who will go with you. Don't let fear keep you from the chance to do our Christian duty. Trust me when I tell you it WILL be a blessi...  more
    • November 6
  • Kathy Jeffrey
    Kathy Jeffrey added 1 photo(s) to the album Wall Photos:
    • October 26
  • Christina  Swann
    Christina Swann is now friends with Angelina Brown.
    • October 21
  • Kenneth Quinlan
    Kenneth Quinlan wrote a new blog entry:
    • October 20
  • Steve DeChurch
    Steve DeChurch Thank the Lord for a GREAT FEAST DAYS...
    • October 20
  • Steve DeChurch
    Steve DeChurch commented on Kenneth Quinlan's blog entry: DeChurch fam...Definitely A Church People..Theres a right side and a wrong side...PTL we are on the right side...That way doesn't anger me most times and although I have pity for the non church people I am ready to exercise Prov 28:4 They that forsake the...  more
    • October 19
  • Rick Saari II
    Rick Saari II Harvest party went great!! The Lord truly blessed!!
    • October 17
  • Rick Saari II
    Rick Saari II Does anybody have a big tub used for bobbing for apples that I may borrow? Its for the C&C harvest party Saturday.
    • October 13
  • Matthew Biddle
    Matthew Biddle is now friends with Andrew Brown.
    • October 6